Why These 5 Songs Work Best for Studying

Choosing the right kind of music is vital for your productivity level if you’re the type who to listens to music while studying.
Listening to music helps put your body in a state of comfort, in turn leading to more diligent studying by motivating you to stay focused for longer periods. Not only that, but can also put you on a more productive track when faced with innumerable distractions.
Research done by the University of Birmingham has found that music has the ability to raise efficiency when doing repetitive tasks.
Here are 5 songs we found helpful when needing to get some studying done:
1. “Skinny Love” – Bon Iver

This iconic song is perfect for removing any tension or depression you may have, which is great to get you in the mood before any study session. Its classical nature helps to calm you down and make you feel more comfortable
2. “Friends” – Raury ft. Tom Morello

The beat of this song thumps strong to psych you up, which has the ability to help you out for even the hardest of study sessions!
3. “I Met Up with The King” – First Aid Kit

This chilled out track will help keep you up with its strong vocals. Great for when you start to feel tired.
4. “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” – Fleet Foxes

This track is highly recommended for any fan of modern folk music. Fleet foxes truly nail that genre, and the track isn’t too intrusive.
5. “Blank Space” – Rhodes

Rhodes gives the popular Taylor Swift hit a new, soothing feel. Try this awesome cover out if you’re a fan of the original, but not looking for something too upbeat.
These 5 songs are truly helpful in improving your productivity while studying and preparing for exams. Rid yourself of any stress by listening to these songs.

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