Favorite Date Night Movies Of The 1990s

There’s nothing to deny the everlasting decade in film history and that’s the 1990, the year of glorious movies. Therefore, the task to review the exhaustive picks wasn’t easy at all. The decade covered the most romantic movies of all the time. I just couldn’t resist myself to share with you all about the best movies the ’90s.
Let’s have some fun in reminiscing about our favorite date movies.

A 20’s couple met in a train. They started spending time together in the city of Vienna. I loved the fun way they talked, and exchanged views. The Director Linklater handle sexual attraction between the characters too gently, thus making an ideal movie for teenagers.

Well, I’m in love with this romantic movie starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. It’s an innocent movie where a millionaire falls in love with a prostitute. The bouncy sense of humor played by an attractive Julia Roberts is too enjoyable.

It’s a typical teen movie, inspired by the Shakespeare’s ‘The taming of the Shrew’. 10 things is a romantic comedy movie where a perky sister has to follow her father’s strict rules of dating and also, make her ill-tempered feminist sister Ket smitten with a boyfriend. Sounds crazy? But, that’s the fun part about the film.
I know, the list is not enough – Want to add more date movies of 1990?

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