Favourite Romantic Movies of All Time

Every year, new movies of varying genres are screened in cinemas across the world, but it’s the genre of romantic films which have provided the most unforgettable and heart-stopping moments of cinema.
Whether you’re male or female, youthful or old in age, romantic movies have the ability to conquer the hearts of anyone watching.
At first, choosing the best romantic movies of all time seemed like a daunting task – as the genre is deep, spanning multiple decades – but after deep research and thought, we have compiled what we believe to be considered the best romantic movies of all time.
The Notebook:

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling both gave powerful performances in the movie adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks love story. Women around the world swooned over the moment Ryan Gosling romanced Rachel McAdams. Adding life and depth into the story, this film paid tribute to the novel. It’s a love story for the ages, as the audience gets a chance to witness every part of the couple’s life, which makes the story that much better.
When Harry Met Sally:

Meg Ryan and Bill Crystal offered tremendous performances back in 1989, which made people love the story behind the film. Taking place in New York City, the story revolved around a relationship between two friends who worried if having sex would ruin their friendship.
Say Anything:

Say Anything has been declared as one of the greatest classic movies of all the time. This film centered around Lloyd Dobler’s romantic pursuits of Diane Court. If you haven’t seen it, then that’s something you need to place at the top of your priorities.
These movies have stood the test of time, and remain relevant still to this day. If you’re looking for movies to watch of the genre, be sure to check these ones out if you still haven’t.

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